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Plastic Fischer Kanpur Q4 2022 NFT-Collection

Plastic Fischer NFT Collection PFKANPQ422 Preview Image

Symbol / Collection ID:



Impact site:

Kanpur (India)

Impact vintage:

earned by the issuer in


Collection size:

2078 pieces

Price per NFT:

15 USDC (USD stable coin)

NFT Contract:


on Solana (low-energy PoS blockchain; CO2 compensated)

Impact audited by:

NFT platform by:

Support needed or any questions?

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Link to the Discord page for this NFT drop
Link to the Twitter page for this NFT drop

If you are interested in buying larger NFT amounts, please contact

About this Impact-NFT Collection


Plastic Fischer collects plastic from rivers, before it enters the oceans where it breaks down into micro-plastic and threatens marine biodiversity.


With the simple TrashBoom-technology, the River Plastic is stopped and then collected by Plastic Fischer’s full-time employees. To ensure safe processing of the material, the company sets up Material Recovery Facilities in which the River Plastic is dried, segregated and then prepared for further treatment.


All recyclable materials are sold to local off-takers and reintroduced to the supply chain. The non-recyclable material is sent to co-processing plants, where the material is incinerated and used as an energy source. This is in line with international best practices and the best alternative available to landfills and the oceans.


Our operations in Kanpur prevent plastic from entering the Ganges - world’s holiest, but most polluted river. To carry out all necessary steps reliably, we created 13 full-time jobs for local people who also receive health insurance and social benefits. Most of our employees have been working in the informal waste sector for many years and never had the chance to be formally employed and receive a regular income.


By buying this certificate, you finance the end-to-end operations and everything that is needed to collect, manage and process 10 kg of River Plastic and support the employment of our people in Kanpur.

Issuer and seller of this NFT collection is Plastic Fischer GmbH (Basilius-Besler-Weg 10, 50933 Cologne, Germany). The proceeds of all sold NFTs benefit the issuer.

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