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Africa GreenTec Amaloul 2022 NFT-Collection

Africa GreenTec Amaloul 2022 NFT Collection Preview

Symbol / Collection ID:



Impact site:

Amaloul (Niger)

Impact vintage:

earned by the issuer in


Collection size:

1197 pieces

Price per NFT:

29 USDC (USD stable coin)

NFT Contract:

G44P8Rntt5PoA1oa7YCLZsasCc5DJi1a77FXqcQMgWbz on Solana (low-energy PoS blockchain; CO2 compensated)

Impact audited by:

NFT platform by:

Support needed or any questions?

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Link to the Twitter page for this NFT drop

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About this Impact-NFT Collection

The impact assets offered here represent the earned impact in 2022 of Africa GreenTec AG's impact site in Amaloul (Niger). It contains the following eco/social benefits:


One NFT represents the constant access to reliable & clean solar-power-based energy for one person for the period of one year. The impact was externally audited by leonardo Impact GmbH. and can be tracked end-to-end using a link & QR-code that is embedded in each NFT (not shown here in the collection's sample image - this is only available in the individually issued NFTs that sold here).

Additionally to this primary effect certain co-benefits were created: saving CO2 emissions by replacing diesel generators in the village, resulting in the reduced use of fossil fuels. Moreover due to the constant power supply, several new micro-businesses were developed by the villagers, resulting in new jobs and new sources of income. Many tertiary impact effects, like safety through light, enabling schooling after sunset, less food-waste due to cooling capacity & less illnesses due to the better food & income situations are also a result of this project.


With buying this NFT, based on the proven impact in 2022, you support the continuous operation of the Amaloul site and the further development of Africa GreenTec AG and their projects.

Issuer and seller of this NFT collection is Africa GreenTec AG (Aussenliegend 19, 63512 Hainburg, Germany). The proceeds of all sold NFTs benefit the issuer.

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